12:15-12:45 pm


Simple, powerful guided meditation for everyone, no matter the depth of you meditation experience. A wonderful way to sneak a few moments of self-care in at your lunch hour. $5 drop-in, free for members


Ayurvedic Sama Flow


9:30-10:45 am

“Sama” is a Sanskrit word meaning balance. In Ayurveda the Sanskrit definition of health repeatedly uses the word, “sama”. Sama Flow focuses on slow, thoughtful movements that build strength and flexibility to cultivate an effortless balance of stability (stithi) and ease (sukhum). We work towards finding a personal balance for your practice. Sama Flow is suitable for all levels including beginners. Modifications are always offered.


Tantric Yoga Practice


4:30-5:45 pm

Tantra is the path of beauty and bliss. By definition, it means 'to weave," as in weaving spirituality into our everyday life (sitting in traffic, washing the dishes, communicating with our partner, for example). "The philosophy of Tantra is that we do not withdraw from the world, but transform ourselves so that we can find joy and meaning in the world" (Rod Stryker). This class will introduce a tantric-style practice that builds the agni required for transformation that includes asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation. 


Yoga for Writers


6:00-7:15 pm

This yoga practice was specifically designed to honor your inherent and scared desire to create. Move through an asana, pranayama and meditation practice wherein you will find inspiration or at the least a limitless space of blank canvas awaiting your new insights. Please bring a journal and pen.


Sunrise Salutation


6:30-7:15 am

Get up and set an auspicious start to your day with an invigorating morning salutation practice. This flow-based class will get your blood moving, lubricate your joints, and evoke a sense of clarity as you face your day. Illuminating and energizing!


Lunch-break Yoga


12:15-1:00 pm

Lunch-break Yoga is the perfect way to spend your mid-day getaway. Guided by the sweet Heather Cauley, you will stretch your body, strengthen your muscles, and calm your mind. Open to all levels of yoga experience. 


Boost Your Mood


6:15-7:15 pm

Need a little inspiration and positive energy? This class is perfect for you! Break free of that "stuck" feeling, breathe free, expand, and experience great joy in this tantra-inspired yoga class. Guaranteed to leave you feeling better than when you came in!


Calm and Stable


7:30-8:30 pm


This moon Practice is excellent for the person facing a heightened level of stress or activity in their life and needs calm down to the core. Based on the teachings of the Gerand Samhita and tantric philosophy, practices in this class include intentional left-right brain balance, pranayama, asana, meditation, and contemplation. All levels welcome.