Adya's Step Up for Health Challenge

Adya invites you to participate in our Step Up for Health Challenge to commit to a well-rounded health and fitness program for mind and body.  The Step Up Challenge is a supportive, guided meet-up group that gathers two mornings per week for running stairs in Church Hill and two mornings per week practicing yoga. Those who complete the challenge of attending all 36 sessions over the 9-week period will be entered to win a prize package worth over $500. 

Motivation. Commitment. Balance.


Who: anyone interested in committing to a well-rounded health and fitness habit for a healthier mind and body 

What: Adya's Step Up for Health Challenge - participants who complete the 9-week sessions will earn a small gift and be entered to win a prize

When: Sept 11 - Nov. 9

Where: Jefferson Park for the steps (Mon/Wed mornings), Adya for the yoga (Tues/Thurs mornings)

Why: Balance is key to health. Combining the rigorous endurance energy of stair running with the calming energy and flexibility of yoga give you the balance you need to attain optimal health benefits of mind and body. Stay motivated with a peer group guided by two leaders from Adya. Build community connections, a vital component of mental wellness


  • The Stairs: Every Monday and Wednesday 6:15-7:15 AM, tackling three staircases nestled in Church Hill (3 laps, so 9 total staircases each session)
  • The Yoga: Every Tuesday and Thursday 6:15-7:15 AM, mindfully moving with breath and awareness through our Early Bird Yoga class
  • Attend all 36 sessions over the 9-week challenge period and be entered to win a grand prize (all participants who complete the challenge will receive a certificate of achievement and congratulatory gift). 
  • Participants of the challenge MUST be registered before the start date of Sept. 11
  • Participants must have a package at Adya to attend the yoga classes. A special discounted price of $8 per class will be extended to participants who do not currently have a package. This special package applies only to the Early Bird Yoga class for Step Up participants and must be paid in full ($144) before the challenge begins. No refunds for unattended classes (this is a commitment, after all).  
  • Everyone in our RVA community is invited to join us for the stair runs, even if they are not participating in the Step Up for Fitness Challenge. However, said participants are not eligible for the prizes or special discount on yoga classes. 
  • Questions? Please fill out the form below or email Elizabeth at:
  • Ready to commit and register? 

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To learn more about our Step Up for Health Challenge starting Sept. 2017, please submit this form stating your interest and any questions you may have. Thank you, and congratulations on making a good choice for your health! 

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