12:15-12:45 pm


Simple, powerful guided meditation for everyone, no matter the depth of you meditation experience. A wonderful way to sneak a few moments of self-care in at your lunch hour. $5 drop-in, free for members


Ayurvedic Sama Flow


9:30-10:45 am


“Sama” is a Sanskrit word meaning balance. In Ayurveda the Sanskrit definition of health repeatedly uses the word, “sama”. Sama Flow focuses on slow, thoughtful movements that build strength and flexibility to cultivate an effortless balance of stability (stithi) and ease (sukhum). We work towards finding a personal balance for your practice. Sama Flow is suitable for all levels including beginners. Modifications are always offered.


Tantric Yoga Practice


4:30-5:45 pm


Tantra is the path of beauty and bliss. By definition, it means 'to weave," as in weaving spirituality into our everyday life (sitting in traffic, washing the dishes, communicating with our partner, for example). "The philosophy of Tantra is that we do not withdraw from the world, but transform ourselves so that we can find joy and meaning in the world" (Rod Stryker). This class will introduce a tantric-style practice that builds the agni required for transformation that includes asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation. 


Yoga for Writers


6:00-7:15 pm


This yoga practice was specifically designed to honor your inherent and scared desire to create. Move through an asana, pranayama and meditation practice wherein you will find inspiration or a limitless space of blank canvas awaiting your new insights. Please bring a journal and pen.


Sunrise Salutation


6:30-7:15 am


Get up and set an auspicious start to your day with an invigorating morning salutation practice. This flow-based class will get your blood moving, lubricate your joints, and evoke a sense of clarity as you face your day. Illuminating and energizing!


Lunch-break Yoga


12:15-1:00 pm


Lunch-break Yoga is the perfect way to spend your mid-day getaway. Guided by the sweet Heather Cauley, you will stretch your body, strengthen your muscles, and calm your mind. Open to all levels of yoga experience. 


Boost Your Mood


6:15-7:15 pm


Need a little inspiration and positive energy? This class is perfect for you! Break free of that "stuck" feeling, breathe free, expand, and experience great joy in this tantra-inspired yoga class. Guaranteed to leave you feeling better than when you came in!


Calm and Stable


7:30-8:30 pm


This moon Practice is excellent for the person facing a heightened level of stress or activity in their life (hint: we all are) and needs calm down to the core. Based on the teachings of the Gerand Samhita and tantric philosophy, practices in this class include intentional left-right brain balance, pranayama, asana, meditation, and contemplation. All levels welcome.


Gentle Yoga


10:30-11:30 am


Gentle and slow-paced, this class will leave you feeling relaxed and easeful. Perfect for those new to yoga and those who just want to take it easy while still stretching and finding your breath.


Restorative Yoga for Adrenal Fatigue


5:15-6:30 pm


This class is not your typical effortless restorative yoga class. It was designed to support the function of the kidneys and adrenals, two critical organs that succumb over time to the effects of chronic stress and poor posture. Adrenal fatigue is a silent syndrome that is difficult to identify because we grow so accustomed to being tired and depending on coffee and cola to keep us going. If you feel tired and sloth-like often, even when you get plenty of sleep, this class could help tremendously. 


Digestive Health Yoga


8:15-9:15 am


This class teaches poses and exercises that aid the digestive process and increase your digestive fire (agni). When we are stressed, digestive action decreases. Over a long period of time, this can cause chronic upset in our digestive tract. Learn how to employs tools that aid in digestive health and also how to relax to restore optimal function of your digestive system




10:45-11:45 am


Encouraging deep myofascial release, Yin yoga is an excellent remedy for muscles stuck in chronic tension due to fitness workouts or stress. Poses are held for 3-8 minutes, fostering a release of mental as well as physical tension. To learn more about the benefits of Yin, click here. 


Jivamukti Yoga


5:30-6:45 pm


The Jivamukti Open class incorporates a fluid, playful sequence with the elements of breath, sound and mediation to leave you feeling more energized, aligned and closer to your true nature. This class is perfect for those looking for a challenging practice but is open to all levels and modifications will offered as needed.


Sattva Yoga Journey



8:30-10:00 am


Purify, Energize, and Heat Your Spirit in the Cold of Winter

Perfect to ignite the flame of truth from within, lift your spirit, distribute energy, and transcend the cold of winter with joyful ease. Reconnect with your true essence as you calm the nervous system, purify and cleanse the electromagnetic body from stored toxins, traumatic experiences, and too much time spent on electronic devices. This is the only weekly Sattva Yoga class that is offered in a yoga studio in RVA! You will experience two Sattva Yoga instructors, Denise Dolan will teach most weeks with Dick Shea teaching once a month.


Pre-Natal Yoga


10:15-11:30 am


Prenatal yoga is one of the best ways to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for the birth of your baby. We'll use our time together to: find relief from the discomforts of pregnancy; develop practical tools to aid in relaxation for a calm, engaged birth; practice physical postures for comfort and ease during labor and birth; explore the mind-body-breath connection; offer and receive wisdom amid a safe, non-judgmental community of mothers. Inspired by the philosophy of Montessori education, Adya Yoga and Ayurveda offers on-going pre-natal yoga classes for expectant moms. Third trimester moms can share experience with the first trimester moms, and first trimester moms and ask questions of the third trimester moms. This fosters a community of support and openness that helps allay fears that come with expecting a new little one in your world. 


Detox Flow Yoga


9:15-10:30 am



This class starts with a dynamic flow incorporating cleansing twists & binds that massage the internal organs to clear out toxins that keep your body from functioning well. An introduction to different types of yogic breathing will be taught to promote further detoxification. Pranayama breathing builds internal heat which naturally cleanses the body. The class will cool down with gentle, restorative poses designed to complement the detox flow. A final brief meditation will provide mental detox and grounding for the mind and body.