The Four Desires


an individual or small group study of the ancient Vedic philosophy and practices that set you on a path of deep self-discovery, empowerment, forgiveness, and a clear understanding of your life's purpose 

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You came into this world with a unique purpose to do and achieve what only you, and no one else, can do. Uncovering this purpose is the key to unwavering contentment and peace. In living your purpose, you will inevitably realize greater happiness, achievement, and sense of freedom while also contributing positively to society on a larger scale. When we are living our purpose, shining brightly as we were intended to do, the power of our peace, contentment, and actions permeates others around us. 

The four desires are an ancient teaching of the inherent desires of the soul: to live its purpose, to have the means to live its purpose, to experience pleasure while doing so, and to be free. When these four desires are fulfilled, we experience complete  fulfillment in all realms. Rod Stryker skillfully compiled these teachings in a practical and methodical way that guides you through practices, writing exercises, and reflections that help you get clear about who you are, why you are here, and how to move forward in your life with clarity and insight. Working through these processes with determination and consistency will, without fail, lead you to your best life, a life that makes you smile with the deep wisdom that comes from knowing and living your purpose. 

This process is led by Elizabeth Malaugh in either an individual or small group setting. Elizabeth has been through intensive training with Rod Stryker, author of The Four Desires, and she continues to work through The Four Desires process herself and to train with Rod in The Four Desires process. If you are ready for this life-changing experience, please see details below. 


Individual Sessions:       

  •  4 week commitment via Skype or in-person   
  • 1 hr per week  
  • $225 (includes workbook)                                                       
  • Follow-up sessions: $50/hour

Small Group Study:    

  • New session starting summer 2018. Check back soon for details!