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Sankalpa Shakti: Creating a Sustainable Resolution

More than 85% of those of us who make a New Year's Resolution will fail to achieve or sustain the resolution. Has this been your experience in the past? There are many reasons for this phenomenon, and one of those reasons is the resolutions we create are not specific enough and are not coming from the depths of our soul. A sankalpa is a special type of resolution. It means "a vow formed in the heart." In this workshop, you will learn a process of identifying a specific longing of your soul, shape that longing into a specific sankalpa, and then create a vision board and learn a meditation practice to build the power, or shakti, of your sankalpa. Learn how to work with your sankalpa on a daily basis to increase the likelihood it will be achieved and sustained. Be an active participant in shaping your destiny.

Cost of this workshop is $35, this includes the cost of vision board supplies. 

Pre-registration is required.