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Yogastrology at Spring Equinox

Celebrate the turning of the wheel and the arrival of the Spring Equinox with Jen Waine, certified Yogastrologer®. Jen, a ceremonialist as well as a Yogastrologer®, loves to honor the cycles on the mat and facilitate a practice that opens the body to receive and taste the energies of the sky. 

Yogastrology® is the melding of the ancient sister practices of yoga and astrology. We look to the Sun and Moon, who illuminate the zodiac sign that they currently inhabit. We examine the "personality" or energy of those signs, their body correlations and how to align with these energies on and off the mat to experience greater ease, joy and peace.

Weaving together mindfulness tools with postures to ground, Jen's yoga style centers and reenergizes in a sacred and safe environment. Her Hatha Yoga (“Ha” meaning “Sun”, “Tha” meaning “Moon”) practice is restorative and tends to move at a slow to medium pace that welcomes all bodies exactly as they are. She invites her fellow practitioners on a journey to a grounded, yet blissful state that aligns with the stars. 

No previous astrology background needed. Yoga for all levels from absolute beginners to highly seasoned practitioners. 

$40 ($35 early bird)