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"Journey to Self" Retreat and Study

Pure and lasting contentment and joy can only be found through self-understanding. Bhagavad Gita is a seminal yoga text containing the wisdom that can lead us to a level of self-understanding untouched by sorrow, anger, and doubt. Through a touching introduction of inevitable personal conflict and internal struggle to which every human can relate, Bhagavad Gita then teaches of karma, intuition, meditation, devotion, and more as paths to the self.

This weekend of in-depth study of the Gita includes four sessions:

I. The Battle of the Self: Conflict Creates Suffering

II. Karma Journey: Connecting to the Self in Others

III. Yoga Journey: Connecting to the Self Within

IV. Bhakti Journey: Trustful Surrender

In addition to these four in-depth study/practice sessions, participants have the opportunity to explore the 400 acre wooded campus of the Himalayan Institute, sip tea with a fellow yogi at the tea shop, rejuvenate with services from the spa, or even meditate in the Sri Vidya Shrine, with group prayers led at 6:00 am and 9:30 pm each day.

Price for 'Journey to the Self' Retreat and Study: $108 + accommodations*

*Accommodations must be booked through Himalayan Institute. To book your accommodation, please call 1-800-822-4547 x 1 and give them the Booking Code: JTTS0418. The cost for a shared room is $95/night, including meals. 

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