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Tantra Shakti: Accessing the Power of Sun, Moon, and Fire

Join New York Times Best Selling Author and Senior ParaYogini Katie Silcox for one of Tantra's core teachings on the sacred “twilight language” of Hatha Yoga. Three elements are key in unlocking the mastery of both our inner and outer lives. In this 3 day workshop, Katie will guide us through the principles and practices of the sun (pranic), moon (mind-stability and ease) and fire (the light of the Soul).

Moon Vinyasa: Mastering the Mind

“Moon” practice builds stillness, clarity and stability and is the essential foundation for the journey of Tantra. This class will dive deep into the heart of the practices that ensure steadiness and self-mastery.

Sun Vinyasa: Awakening the Vital Force

“Sun” practices lead us into the development and expansion of our prana (life force energy and vital intelligence). These solar practices enable us to awaken higher perception, enlivening our capacity to “see” the invisible and access Shakti (boundless power or capacity).

Fire Vinyasa: Tapping into the Stream of Grace-Kundalini Shakti

According to Tantra, the ultimate goal of Yoga is to awaken our inner fire--––what the tradition calls Kundalini Shakti. This “fire” is the endless force of spirit that lives within each of us, it is the dormant potential that contains all of our unaccessed power and love. This session will feature practices dedicated to brightening the sacred “fire” and the key theories that lead us to embodying it and thus, realizing more joy, love, capacity and freedom.

Single Workshop: $50 if paid by April 18, $60 regular price

Full Weekend (5 sessions): $225 if paid by April 18, $250 regular price

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