Captured by: Elizabeth Malaugh on the Belle Isle foot bridge

Captured by: Elizabeth Malaugh on the Belle Isle foot bridge


Tips for your YogaHike Experience...

1. Bring an old/inexpensive yoga mat or towel. We share our environment with our animal friends, and it would not be a happy experience to find goose poop on the bottom of your very expensive yoga mat.

2. Wear comfortable and secure shoes. We know yogis love their flip flops, but the hikes are about 3 miles long and sometimes go through slippery trails with variable terrain. Please wear shoes that are comfortable and secure on your feet and that you don't mind getting dirty. You get to take your shoes off and let your toes free for the yoga part.

3. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses/hat. Summer in Richmond. Need anything more be said?

4. Wear bug spray. While we appreciate the hard work the insects do, we would rather not have them jumping on us during our yoga practice. It is suggested that you use bug spray. Make your own natural bug repellent spray with this recipe

5. Drink water before you arrive, and bring water with you on the hike. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Hiking and yoga require a great deal of energy even if you are sweating buckets. Water helps your body function and recover optimally. Feed your cells. 

6. Arrive with an open mind. Mother Nature refuses to be predictable. Sometimes there will be obstacles on the YogaHike that cannot be anticipated. Maybe a planned route is blocked for the day, maybe a dog gets loose and kisses you while you are in savasana, maybe there are some drizzles from the sky as you hike or practice yoga. This is a good time to practice going with the flow of things, welcoming the unexpected with a sense of delight and curiosity. 

7. Have fun! YogaHikes are an awesome opportunity to meet new friends and reconnect with old pals and family members. They are also an opportunity to get to know your RVA community, including green spaces, museums, artists, and small locally owned businesses that make our community so special. Enjoy the time you've chosen to spend enriching your mind, body, soul, and community!

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